Special Operations Division

Daily briefing and training

Our Special Operations Division is a group of security officers that specialize in:

  • Process Services (Personal and Attorney)
  • Bail Enforcement and Fugitive Recovery Team
  • Drug Eradication Unit
  • Personal and Executive Protection
Special Operations Response Team

Protection Services of California has a dedicated team that specialize in the most extreme environments. The Special Operations Response Team or SORT Team was developed to address the need to respond to high risk situations in the community that our local understaffed And underfunded law enforcement agencies are not able to handle. In assistance with local law enforcement our Special Operations Division contracts through the private citizen or businesses to assist in Bail Enforcement, Drug Eradication, and Personal and Executive Protection.

Our SORT team members train in conjunction with former military and law enforcement personnel. Testing for this specialized team includes a personnel file review, oral board, and physical ability testing to determine proper candidates for this highly sought after specialization

A SORT member is expected to be a leader amongst their fellow Private Security Officers and a resource for our community in all matters regarding their safety and protection. Everyone has a right to feel safe!

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